Help for New and Learning Submissives

Have you just figured out that you want to submit to a partner in a D/s relationship? Working on figuring out what being submissive means to you?

We’ve compiled several links from around our site that can help you learn more about submission and what it means to you.

Understanding Submission

Submission means something different to each person. There are as many ways to submit as there are submissives. But if you’re not sure what it means to you, the links below can help you figure that out.

Submissive vs. Bottom

What is Submission?

What Does It Mean to Be Submissive?

How Do I Know if I’m a Submissive or a Bottom?

Types of Submission

As we’ve already said, there’s no single type of submissive that you can be. But you might know what your options are. Below are some options to explore to figure out if it’s the right fit for you…or not.

10 Different Types of Submission | Audio version

SAMs, Brats, and Sassy Submissives

Service Submission

Sexual Submission

Understanding the Caregiver/little Dynamic

What is a Service Top?

What is an Alpha Sub?

Why Knowing Yourself Matters in Power Exchange

Kinky Titles are Different for All of Us

Things You Need to Know as a Submissive

Is this everything you will learn as a submissive? No. But these are the things we consider important, especially if you’re new to submission or navigating your first D/s relationship.

Can a Submissive Fulfill All of a Dominant’s Needs?

How to Feel More Submissive

6 Ways to Feel Submissive When You’re Single

6 Things That Aren’t Topping from the Bottom

Understanding Subfrenzy

Signs You’re in Subfrenzy

Understanding Subspace

Dealing with Drop

How to Be a Better Communicator

Safety in BDSM

What is Your BDSM Safety Philosophy?

Safeword Tips

Bad Behavior and Red Flags from Submissives

Signs and Red Flags of a Bad Dominant

Following a Submissive’s Lead in Power Exchange

To read, watch, or listen to all of the things we’ve said about submissives, use this link. We also encourage you to visit our resources page where we list other sites, channels, and books that can help you grow as a submissive.

This page doesn’t include everything you could possibly learn about submission. You’re on a path, and these links will (hopefully) help you take a few steps in the right direction for you. As you move along your BDSM journey, you’ll learn more about yourself, your submission, and your kinky needs, and we hope this gives you a good place to begin.