Work With Us

We love to work with businesses that offer products and services that our fellow kinksters may need or want. And products they don’t know they need and want until they discover it. For us, it’s important that the brands and the products we try and recommend fit with our goals:

Helping kinksters have happy, healthy power exchange relationships

If you think your company provides exactly that, we’d love to hear from you!

We offer the following opportunities for kink-friendly companies:

  • Reviews of your book, product, or service
  • Affiliate opportunities: We only join affiliate programs of products, services, or brands we’ve tried. A review opportunity is required before we’ll join.
  • Podcast sponsorship: Podcasts are simulcast on YouTube. Sponsorship includes both.
  • Blog sponsorship: Backlinks are available and will be tagged as “sponsored” per Google guidelines.
  • Video sponsorship: We offer ad reads for videos on related or unrelated topics or you can sponsor a video based around a topic that connects to your product or service.

Companies and products we love make it on our recommendation list, too!

Download our media kit here: Loving BDSM Media Kit March 2022 or contact us directly to learn more.