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This is the full archive of every Loving BDSM episode we’ve ever produced. We began in August 2015 and with a few short breaks (2-4 weeks at a time) we’ve been going strong ever since.

There is no rhyme or reason to the order of our topics. We discuss what matters to us in our D/s relationship and BDSM experience, but we also happily accept topic suggestions from listeners.

Starting around episode 53, we began to end every show with a “bonus section” to help keep Kayla from going off-topic so much, and now have an entire group of “proud crickets” who listen to that part every week. That’s when we talk about our lives and things we’re doing.

A listener once said that the Loving BDSM podcast is like sitting around the kitchen table, having coffee, and chatting with friends. And that’s a perfect definition to us. We hope to keep that vibe going for a long time.

Whether you’re new to BDSM and D/s or you’ve been doing it a long time, we think there’s something here to help you on your kinky journey.

episode 249 of the Loving BDSM podcast 0

Being “Picky” About Your Partners

A conversation with a kinky friend of ours prompted this week’s topic. That person stayed in a crumbling relationship because they thought they were being “too picky.” We disagreed with that person completely. But...

episode 248 of the Loving BDSM podcast going over a BDSM checklist 0

Re-Doing a BDSM Checklist

It started as an offhand idea John Brownstone threw out right before Christmas, and then we ran with it. It’s been years since we did any BDSM checklists, so we recorded ourselves doing one...

episode 247 of the Loving BDSM podcast 0

Another BDSM Q&A

Okay, so Q&A episodes might be our way of getting out of thinking about a topic, but it’s the last episode of 2020, and we thought it would be fun, and we needed something...