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This is the full archive of every Loving BDSM episode we’ve ever produced. We began in August 2015 and with a few short breaks (2-4 weeks at a time) we’ve been going strong ever since.

There is no rhyme or reason to the order of our topics. We discuss what matters to us in our D/s relationship and BDSM experience, but we also happily accept topic suggestions from listeners.

Starting around episode 53, we began to end every show with a “bonus section” to help keep Kayla from going off-topic so much, and now have an entire group of “proud crickets” who listen to that part every week. That’s when we talk about our lives and things we’re doing.

A listener once said that the Loving BDSM podcast is like sitting around the kitchen table, having coffee, and chatting with friends. And that’s a perfect definition to us. We hope to keep that vibe going for a long time.

Whether you’re new to BDSM and D/s or you’ve been doing it a long time, we think there’s something here to help you on your kinky journey.

episode 292 of the Loving BDSM podcast 0

Responding to BDSM Reddit…Again

We have a lot of fun with these BDSM Reddit episodes, and if you enjoy Kayla-Rants™, you probably do, too. This week, we talk about toxic behavior, unionizing submissives, and more! In this episode:...

drop minisode 41 of the Loving BDSM podcast 0

Minisode 41: Drop

Whether it’s sub drop or top drop, it can happen to anyone. Here are a few things to keep in if you find yourself going through it. A massive thanks to our Patreon community...

episode 291 of the Loving BDSM podcast 0

Our Favorite Sex Toys of 2021

Another Black Friday, another list of sex toys and kinky gear we love and recommend! All the links to everything we’ve mentioned are down below! Kink up your holidays with something fun and new!...

minisode 40 on BDSM book recommendations 0

Minisode 40: 3 BDSM Book Recommendations

We’re trying something new this week, y’all: BDSM book recommendations on the podcast! If you like this and want more recs, let us know. A massive thanks to our Patreon community for making these...