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We help kinksters like you have happy, healthy power exchange relationships. No matter how you define BDSM and no matter what kind of kinky relationship you want, we’re here to help!


We are John Brownstone (the Dom) and Kayla Lords (the sub), a married D/s couple, sharing our thoughts, feelings, and experiences on this thing we call BDSM.

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In our weekly podcast, we discuss all aspects of how to have a happy, healthy power exchange relationship.


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episode 403 of the Loving BDSM podcast

Radical Honesty in Power Exchange

A moment when Kayla admitted wrongdoing has us thinking about the concept of “radical honesty” which potentially has a deeper meaning for kinksters in general. In this episode Register for the free and online...

episode 401 of the Loving BDSM podcast

Task Creep in Power Exchange

We’ve experienced “task creep” – the act of taking on tasks/routines that weren’t specifically negotiated. Thankfully for us, we figured it out quickly and worked it out in a quick conversation. But like job...

episode 399 of the Loving BDSM podcast

BDSM Reddit Response

We’re one week away from our 400th episode, so we’re starting the celebration early with a BDSM Reddit response episode! In this episode: Ask your questions for our Monday episodes. We’re celebrating 10,000 subscribers...