Welcome to Loving BDSM! We’re your hosts – as well as kinky fuckers – John Brownstone and Kayla Lords.

He’s a Daddy Dom. She’s a submissive babygirl. He’s a sadist. She’s a masochist. We’re both a little primal. We’re in a 24/7 D/s relationship and we talk about it on our weekly podcast, in videos, and on the blog!

We’ve known each other since 2012 and been a D/s couple since 2013. The first 18 months we were in a long distance relationship with 440 miles between us. As of 2014, we moved in together and went 24/7 in our D/s relationship.

In 2015 Kayla had the crazy idea to start a podcast to speak directly to other kinksters. What was supposed to be a short episode each week with an opinion on some point of kink has blossomed into an hour-plus long show with both Kayla and John ranting, rambling, teasing, and sharing what we know and believe about BDSM, kink, D/s, and relationships.

The amazing listeners who stick around for the “bonus” portion each week are known as crickets. And we loooooove our crickets.

We’ve learned over the years that our show draws experienced and new kinksters, single kinksters and people in D/s relationships. We hope there’s something for everyone here on the website like there is in the Loving BDSM podcast.

Please take a look around.  Listen to the shows. Read the articles. Check out the resources. We want this to be a place to help you grow and learn in kink.

Get to know us!

Meet John Brownstone aka Southern Sir

From his website:

John BrownstoneThrough my journey with Kayla, I have learned that I have very strong Daddy tendencies in addition to having a sadistic streak a mile wide as she puts it. With all the misconceptions brought about in the lifestyle by the 50 Shades series, I am a firm believer in being educated and understanding what one is getting into in regards to the BDSM lifestyle. Between the book and the images portrayed in Internet porn there is a need for people to truly understand what the lifestyle is and the people who are a part of it.

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Meet Kayla Lords

A Sexual Being - Kayla LordsWell, what is there to say? I’m kind of an open book, if my personal website is any indication but the basics are simple. I’m a freelance writer, a podcaster, an erotic author, a sex blogger (and sex toy reviewer). I’m also a submissive, babygirl, masochist who’s kind of into humiliation and exhibitionism (but not always at the same time) under the right circumstances. Until 2012, I barely understood orgasms and masturbation so imagine my surprise when I discovered kink and BDSM. I made John Brownstone work way too hard to earn my love, but he shows me everyday why he has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Because I spent so many years making mistakes about my own relationships and sexual urges, I wanted to create a space for other people to explore, learn, and find their own version of happily ever after (or for right now) in the kinky world. And here we are. Welcome!

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Two things you should know about us as a D/s couple:

Being cute is our superpower.

Coffee is our love language.