Category: D/s Relationships

Here at Loving BDSM, we included “loving” in our name for a couple of reasons. One has everything to do with loving D/s and other kinky relationships. A loving relationship isn’t always permanent, sexual, or something that includes a fairy tale ending. But the relationships we form with each other in D/s and BDSM are important.

This is where you’ll find blog posts on building better D/s relationships, navigating tough moments in your kinky relationship, and taking care of each other.


Joy in D/s Relationships

It might seem like a random topic but the joy we’ve felt (at times) in our power exchange is so powerful and amazing that it’s important to acknowledge. And also, we can’t be the...


What is an Alpha Sub?

In this week’s episode, we talk about the label “alpha sub” — how it was defined when we first heard of it and what it means to many people today. In this episode: Thanks...