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Here at Loving BDSM, we included “loving” in our name for a couple of reasons. One has everything to do with loving D/s and other kinky relationships. A loving relationship isn’t always permanent, sexual, or something that includes a fairy tale ending. But the relationships we form with each other in D/s and BDSM are important.

This is where you’ll find blog posts on building better D/s relationships, navigating tough moments in your kinky relationship, and taking care of each other.

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Going to Bed Angry

Most of us have heard the cliched advice, “Never go to bed angry!” Everyone has their own opinion and experience with arguments in relationships, including those late-night disagreements. We try not to go to...

episode 249 of the Loving BDSM podcast 0

Being “Picky” About Your Partners

A conversation with a kinky friend of ours prompted this week’s topic. That person stayed in a crumbling relationship because they thought they were being “too picky.” We disagreed with that person completely. But...

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Re-Doing a BDSM Checklist

It started as an offhand idea John Brownstone threw out right before Christmas, and then we ran with it. It’s been years since we did any BDSM checklists, so we recorded ourselves doing one...