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We receive a lot of questions from submissives, Dominants, and other kinksters who want to know if something is normal or how to do something in their D/s relationship. For years we answered these questions privately, but now we answer them in blog posts and podcast episodes. (All questions remain anonymous with identifying details removed.)

If you have a question about D/s relationships, BDSM, or kink, someone else has likely wondered the same thing. Use this area to find answers to your burning questions. If you have a question you’d like us to answer, contact us here.

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Responding to BDSM Reddit Posts

We received enough positive feedback from a previous episode where we responded and reacted to questions asked on BDSM subreddits that we thought we’d do it again! This week’s post range from violating safewords...

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This week, we answered BDSM questions kinksters asked on Instagram (at that handle I hate) and on YouTube. The topics were wide-ranging, and there’s even a rant at the end. Enjoy! In this episode:...

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Answering BDSM Questions from Reddit

It’s not new, and it’s been done before, but never by us! We took inspiration from other podcasts who give their thoughts on relationship questions on Reddit but with a twist. We’re responding to...

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BDSM Q&A | March 2021

Instead of throwing in a Q&A episode when we run out of topics, we’re actually planning them this year — one every few months! The best way to ask questions is to follow us...

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Another BDSM Q&A

Okay, so Q&A episodes might be our way of getting out of thinking about a topic, but it’s the last episode of 2020, and we thought it would be fun, and we needed something...