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We receive a lot of questions from submissives, Dominants, and other kinksters who want to know if something is normal or how to do something in their D/s relationship. For years we answered these questions privately, but now we answer them in blog posts and podcast episodes. (All questions remain anonymous with identifying details removed.)

If you have a question about D/s relationships, BDSM, or kink, someone else has likely wondered the same thing. Use this area to find answers to your burning questions. If you have a question you’d like us to answer, contact us here.

episode 305 of the Loving BDSM podcast 0

BDSM Reddit Response

We’re back with another response (reaction?) to questions asked over on the BDSM side of Reddit. In this episode: This week’s episode is sponsored by Beducated. Answering questions on BDSM reddit. Thanks to our...

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This week we asked for your kinky questions over on Instagram (at that handle I will forever fucking hate) and in the live chat on YouTube while we recorded. In this episode: This week’s...

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BDSM Reddit Reaction

Not only is this episode filled with Kayla Rants™, there’s also the rare sighting of a JB Rant™! In this episode: The Patreon Membership Drive continues through February 15 Thanks to silentwinged for sending...

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It’s the last podcast episode of 2021 so we turned it into a Q&A! Enjoy! PS: We were also extremely chaotic – more so than usual. You’ve been warned. In this episode: Kinky Book...

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Responding to BDSM Reddit…Again

We have a lot of fun with these BDSM Reddit episodes, and if you enjoy Kayla-Rants™, you probably do, too. This week, we talk about toxic behavior, unionizing submissives, and more! In this episode:...