Dealing With and Understanding Subfrenzy LB067

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  1. J W says:

    When my baby girl and I started D/s I got into a Dom frenzy. Reading articles, implementation tasks and rules, buying toys and wanting to try everything all at once. I was overwhelming baby girl and myself that we had to have a conversation then I learned to slow down. Thankfully y’all also talk about taking it slow and having patience. I finally have paced myself. The first two weeks was a rollercoaster 🙂

    My baby girl and I have been married for 10 yrs and she brought up D/s to me in November 2020. We have learned a lot and are still learning. I have been bingeing Loving BDSM Since mid Dec and am currently on episode 162. I am crazy and have listened to all of them in order… (whispers) and I’m a cricket too

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