Postcard Project

Update March 2022: The postcard project is currently closed. While we love receiving mail from our kinky community, we’re not currently mailing postcards in return.

From Kayla…

I can’t be the only person out there who loves to get real mail.

And I’d also love to know where people are from – and share that with the podcast audience. Why? Because it’s easy to believe we’re the ONLY ones who get kinky – especially if all of our BDSM education and entertainment is online.

I wanted to find out (and let everyone know) who’s in this little kinky community we’ve got through the show and the blog, and I’m doing it with postcards.

Here’s how it works:

  • Send us a postcard from your town/state/country that’s touristy, silly, unique, weird, or fun. Any postcard.
  • On the next show after we receive it, we’ll do a shout out and say we got mail from your area. Something like, “We got a postcard from Cleveland, Ohio!”
  • If you provide a Twitter handle or Fetlife name (or any social media!), we’ll say that, too. You might get to connect with another kinkster listening from your area who decides to follow you on social media.
  • If you put your return address on your postcard, we’ll send you one of two special (slightly naughty/erotic) postcards we’ve had made specifically for this. Send us two postcards, and you’ll get one of each back. Send us more than that, and you won’t get any extra postcards.

Don’t worry, the postcards aren’t so bad that your mail carrier (or family) will look at you funny. We wanted to have those kind made, but we were afraid our own post office wouldn’t mail them out!

And yes, any information you send to us (like a mailing address) is kept confidential. If you’re really worried, just share the area you’re from on the postcard and nothing else. We understand the concern.

Here’s the address to send your postcard to:

PO Box 434, Ocala, Florida 34478

Address it to Kayla Lords or John Brownstone or both of us.

And yes, you can send us a postcard from anywhere in the world and we will send you a postcard back.

Keep it kinky, y’all! ~Kayla