Category: Submissives

It’s not always easy knowing how to navigate your D/s relationship or the kink life as a submissive. Between predators, uneducated Dominants, and whatever societal expectations you may have been taught, it’s not always easy to know what to do, who to trust, or how to be your submissive self in a healthy way.

As the one who serves and gives up control, submissives are in a very vulnerable position. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be who you are or enjoy the D/s or BDSM life to the fullest. But you do need to educate yourself in order to stay safe. Here you’ll find articles geared specifically to submissives — to help you stay safe, help you navigate your D/s relationship in a healthy way, and help you be the best submissive you can be.

episode 320 of the Loving BDSM podcast, talking about how to submit when you're angry at your Dominant 0

Submitting While Angry or Upset

This week, we’re talking about anger, upset, and other negative feelings specifically in terms of submission. How do you submit when you’re angry at your Dom? The answer is…it depends. In this episode: Want...

minisode 55 of the Loving BDSM podcast 0

Minisode 55: Beyond Subspace

Subspace is just one experience submissives can have during a kink scene. As we’ve discussed before, subspace isn’t a guarantee for every scene, and some people may never even get there. So let’s talk...