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Minisode 13: Submissive Red Flags

We’re baaaa-aaaaack with minisodes — shorter (for us) episodes to give you quick tips, information, and our thoughts on a bite-size BDSM topic. In many cases we’ve already talked about these in a longer...

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What is Submission? | 30 Days of D/s

We’re back with another post taken from our 30 Days of D/s program to answer another big question: What is submission? Much like the question on dominance, defining submission is inherently personal, and it...

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Reactive, Proactive, and Anticipatory Service

There are multiple ways of talking about submission, power exchange, and service (non-sexual and sexual). In this week’s episode, we take inspiration from a workbook by Luna Carruthers entitled Submissive Reflection: A Journey of...