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episode 2 of the Loving BDSM podcast minisodes discussing types of submission 1

Podcast Minisode 2: Submission Types

Is this list exhaustive? No. Does it explain every nuance of submission on the entire spectrum of a power exchange? Also no. But for anyone who believes there’s only “one way” to be a...

episode 209 of the Loving BDSM podcast discusses SAMs, brats, and sassy submissives 0

SAMs, Brats, and Sassy Submissives

How did it take us 200-plus episodes to FINALLY discuss smart-ass masochists (SAMs), brats, and sassy submissives? We don’t know either! But here we are! In this episode: Subscribe to our newsletter! What is...

image of a nametag that says hello my name is with title that says bdsm basics: bdsm titles and labels 5 things you need to know 3

BDSM Basics: BDSM Titles and Labels

Few topics get people heated like the different titles and labels we use in BDSM. As they’re inherently personal, kinksters often have strong opinions on using the “right” label. While words have literal definitions,...