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There’s a ridiculous stereotype of Dominants (of any gender) as a lone wolf type. They don’t need help, and they’ll figure it out on their own. We call bullshit on that one.

Everyone can use advice, inspiration, and or just a push in the right direction. New and experienced Dominants — in or out of D/s relationships — are no different. While we try to include both Doms and subs in every conversation we have, these are the posts that geared specifically to a Dominant. They’re meant to help, educate, and when needed, validate you.

image of a nametag that says hello my name is with title that says bdsm basics: bdsm titles and labels 5 things you need to know 3

BDSM Basics: BDSM Titles and Labels

Few topics get people heated like the different titles and labels we use in BDSM. As they’re inherently personal, kinksters often have strong opinions on using the “right” label. While words have literal definitions,...