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There’s a ridiculous stereotype of Dominants (of any gender) as a lone wolf type. They don’t need help, and they’ll figure it out on their own. We call bullshit on that one.

Everyone can use advice, inspiration, and or just a push in the right direction. New and experienced Dominants — in or out of D/s relationships — are no different. While we try to include both Doms and subs in every conversation we have, these are the posts that geared specifically to a Dominant. They’re meant to help, educate, and when needed, validate you.

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Hard Doms vs Soft Doms

This week, we’re taking a look at two newish-to-us terms – hard dom and soft dom. What do they mean and what do we think about them as terms? In this episode: The Patreon...

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Good Doms | Revisiting Episode 3

In our third episode, Kayla shared a some characteristics on what makes someone a good Dominant. We revamped the list, slightly, for a YouTube video in 2021. But we’ve never really had the conversation...