6 Ways to Feel Submissive When You’re Single

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  1. toyforsir says:

    My first and only D/relationship ended abruptly. I’ve missed so much of being submissive. I was/is hard to imagine having those experiences again when it took so long to reach the trust level is had in that relationship. I haven’t found the community in my area welcoming or even easy to find. Some days I am sure my submissive days are over. I do read a lot and I do continue my research and self-awareness as a submissive. It isn’t easy and it feels very isolating because of the differences than in a vanilla break up. Thank you for this post! It is very helpful. I struggle with being a sub and wanting and needing what I had and being independent of that particular Dom and relationship and recovering in a healthy way. (Getting over him as a Dom and whatever else we were and also being okay with being alone). I have tried to start new habits and rituals that weren’t established in the past relationship but are healthy and beneficial to the submissive side of me.

    • Kayla Lords says:

      The grieving process is very real, and you have to let yourself go through that, too. I hope this post can help. If you haven’t heard it, we did an episode on D/s breakups (just search the site for “breakups” and it’ll come right up — it may help a little, too.

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