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episode 320 of the Loving BDSM podcast, talking about how to submit when you're angry at your Dominant 0

Submitting While Angry or Upset

This week, we’re talking about anger, upset, and other negative feelings specifically in terms of submission. How do you submit when you’re angry at your Dom? The answer is…it depends. In this episode: Want...

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What is Submission? | 30 Days of D/s

We’re back with another post taken from our 30 Days of D/s program to answer another big question: What is submission? Much like the question on dominance, defining submission is inherently personal, and it...

episode 233 of the Loving BDSM podcast 0

Reactive, Proactive, and Anticipatory Service

There are multiple ways of talking about submission, power exchange, and service (non-sexual and sexual). In this week’s episode, we take inspiration from a workbook by Luna Carruthers entitled Submissive Reflection: A Journey of...