Q&A: How Do I Tell My Partner I Want a Daddy Dom/little Dynamic?

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  1. Faux says:

    What is the difference between a Sir and a Daddy?
    I had a daddy for about a year. That was my first and only BDSM relationship. We recently broke. He was wonderful and I really enjoyed that dynamic. He never treated me like a child and I never behaved like one. I follow #daddydoms on IG and I swear 98% of those posts depict bg/bb as behaving like very young children. If I didn’t have a basic understanding of the dynamic, I would think I was reading exchanges between a father and his child. There’s nothing sexual at all, which I guess is better. LoL
    I understand that some couples can behave that way, but so many of us do not (it doesn’t seem like y’all do) . I don’t understand why that is such a common depiction. Pacifiers and “stuffies”??

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