Effective Communication in Your D/s Relationship LB040

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  1. Elbs says:

    What if you can’t take a break to cool off because if you’re alone with those feelings you go into a spiral and feel worse and worse?

    • Kayla Lords says:

      ((HUGS)) I am so sorry that’s happening to you. Once the spiral stops or gets better (sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t) talk to someone – your partner, if they’re a safe option; a trusted friend; maybe even a therapist if that’s available to you. ((HUGS))

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  5. September 23, 2019

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  6. March 18, 2020

    […] first answer we always give — and we feel like broken records because of it — is to talk to your partner. Always, always, always. If they’re not pressuring you (and it seems they’re not), then […]

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