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At Loving BDSM, we have our own unique, individual perspectives on D/s, kink, and BDSM. But our way isn’t the only way, and we can’t experience everything. So we welcome contributors who would like to share their stories. We have writer guidelines to help you know how the process works and to give you an idea of the topics we’d like writers to cover.

While we accept pitches from any one — bloggers, freelance writers, or anyone with a story to tell — we’re most interested in the D/s and BDSM stories and perspectives from people who aren’t like us (white, cis, male Dom/female sub). And if you want to read other perspectives on D/s relationships and the BDSM life, these are the posts to start with.

guest post by epona about why she's a masochist 0

Why I’m a Masochist

I’m not sure exactly when I realized I was a masochist but I always knew that I had an unusually high tolerance for pain. I was that kid that poked my bruises, licked my...