3 Conversations We’ve Had With Our Kids about Sex and Kink

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  1. My husband and I definitely want our daughters to grow up in a sex positive household. In fact, I’m quite certain they are observing aspects of our behaviour and learning from it now, aged 5 and 7. We want them to be confident in their own skin, confident about their feelings and emotions, and strong enough to assert their responses to situations as they grown older, whether that be about sex or just life in general.

    • Kayla Lords says:

      That’s wonderful! And you’re right…kids do learn from watching us. What we say has little bearing if our actions don’t match up anyway.

  2. This is excellent advice! As a mother and step-mother, it’s important to think about these things and how we can talk to our children. We’re also poly, and our youngest is starting to ask questions about it and where babies come from, etc. It makes me supremely uncomfortable to talk about it, but we do, because it’s important.

    Thanks for sharing.

  1. June 15, 2018

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