Role Play vs. D/s Relationships

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  1. Jo says:

    I feel the same way about role play; it just doesn’t work for me. I do, however, love BDSM play! Definitely different things that can be integrated but don’t have to be! My partner enjoys role playing, so once in a while I’ll dress up and act out a scene for him, but it doesn’t do much for me.

    • Kayla Lords says:

      Exactly — the two can be done together or not, and I’m pretty partial to BDSM myself, lol.

  2. Cara Thereon says:

    Excellent explanation of the difference. I’ve never had someone say that to me, but I don’t talk to many people about my dynamic. It’s too much who I am to be a role.

    • Kayla Lords says:

      Yeah, we probably open ourselves up to stuff because we’re so out there online, and it’s not something I hear all the time, but it’s worth an eyeroll at least, lol.

  3. Molly says:

    That is an excellent idea to try out role play to see if you like D/s. That way you can even play with who has the power and hopefully help the people involved to see where their preference lay


    • Kayla Lords says:

      Agreed! I would imagine there’s a lot less pressure when it’s role play, so you can try all kinds of things out. 🙂

  4. Bee says:

    Oh we had the same idea, I had a D/s is not role play rant too 😀

  5. Rurga says:

    I’ve tried explaining this difference a couple of times to some of my friends, but I’m not sure they’ve understood the difference… I think I’ll just send them all here to read your post instead!

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