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quick definitions of 9 types of submission, picture of John Brownstone holding Kayla Lords collar 19

10 Different Types of Submission

A quick note before we jump into this: This isn’t a comprehensive list of every form of submission. That would take a long time to create and longer to read. Our list also shows...

episode 125 of Loving BDSM focuses on sex and D/s 2

Sex and D/s Relationships LB125

Not every D/s relationship includes sex, but for those that do, we’re talking about it in a free-wheeling, no notes or plan kind of way for episode 125. In this episode: Much love to...

episode 110 reminds you that D/s isn't about sex 3

D/s Isn’t About Sex, It’s About Power LB110

This week we’re back with an episode that might sound like it’s just for new kinksters but it’s a reminder for everyone. Sex might be a part of your D/s relationship, but that’s not...