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episode 259 of the Loving BDSM podcast 0


This week’s episode is a bit of a rant based on things we’ve seen in the online kink community. Every time the issues come up, we (I) think, “Please have a sense of self-preservation!”...

episode 132 of Loving BDSM discusses red flags of submissives 2

Red Flags and Submissives LB132

When you see the term “red flags” in BDSM, most people immediately think of Dominants — the assholes, predators, posers, and uneducated kinksters. But that makes it seem like all submissives are perfect little...

Tests in a D/s relationship episode 12

“Tests” in D/s Relationships LB103

We’re a little bit ranty this week, but it’s all for a good cause. A new-to-us red flag appears to be submissives being “tested” on their D/s relationship without knowing it, without consenting to...