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minisode 52 of the Loving BDSM podcast on subspace 0

Minisode 52: Subspace

Too many kinksters chase subspace and then feel disappointed after their scene. Not because it didn’t go well but because they didn’t undergo a bio-chemical reaction that they had absolutely no control over. So...

what new Dominants need to know - a list of 13 things 3

13 Things New Dominants Need to Know

If we tried to write a totally comprehensive list of everything a new Dominant needs to know, we’d be here for a while. So consider this a “top 13” kind of list. Getting these...

episode 146 of Loving BDSM podcast is about subspace 1

Subspace LB146

How we managed to get so far and never discuss subspace as it’s own topic, I’ll never know. If you look below at the links, you’ll see all kinds of similar topics — drop,...