On Being a 24/7 Submissive with a Polyamorous Dominant

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  1. Lili (Antáres) says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I really appreciate it, it is so helpful for me.

  2. Asha says:

    Good Evening,
    First I want to say thank you for sharing your experience. It’s interesting I came across this topic because I believe I am evolving as a poly submissive. Through my journey as a single submissive I am learning more and more about myself in this lifestyle and I seem to be evolving which is beautiful to me. I found this lifestyle late in life and I am finding myself again in my new life…..thank you again.

  3. Clara says:

    I. Love. This.

    I truly loved reading this. Sure, it might’ve been for a giveaway, but I’m so happy that I did. This post made me smile and say “aw” because that’s the kind of relationship I got from it. I also love how you listed out the important bits for your poly life cuz it gets to the point and, honestly, the things you mentioned should be present in all relationships to some degree. Your post doesn’t have to relate to polyamory because some topics you’ve mentioned, like trust and willingness to rewrite rules and adjust, apply to everyone

  4. Billie Jean says:

    I was going to write you on Fet (and had started to) but seeing as this comment also plays into the sexy contest you have going..

    Okay so this podcast hit a little close to home. My on again off again lover who is Poly dose not communicate well with me. I can’t help it but this man is my love. I care for him deeply.. The first four months into our relationship he sprung on me how he was sleeping with other partners.. Kitten did not like finding out that far In, so I broke things off. Completely crushed but later went back to him. Flash forward a year I’m still in the same situation but have a better understanding of HEALTHY POLY Relationships. Which involve communication. Something that you have mentioned several times for this podcast. And is something I wish my lover was better at.

    He tells me I’m his primary and I told him he was my only. Because I always go back to him I keep trying to keep it in mind that I could also have a partner but my body won’t allow it at times. The touch of another person who isn’t my wolf makes my skin crawl. But recently met someone I can play with who is honest and respectful. Im just hoping this makes the situation a little more healthy. Me also having a play partner. Hot mess I know. Just wanted to share.

  5. I can’t wait to listen to the podcast! It sounds so interesting to hear it from that perspective.

  6. Me says:

    Its such a crock of shit. The whole poly thing and convincing yourself you’re important to him as his sub. These poly Doms are playing all their subs. If you honestly think he gives too craps you’re fooling yourself. Keep pretending in your insecure world letting a Dom keep you. You’re just another one he uses yes uses for sex and a power play to feel good about himself. You think he cares or thinks about you when he’s seeking another one for sex play? Lol. He’s humoring the sub so they stay and he has you for his convenience. Go take a class in self esteem and maybe you’ll stop pretending some dude cares about you in this fashion. The bdsm world is a bunch of men who said hey let’s create a world where we can find insecure troubled messes up people who we can call subs and abuse and use them but we will pretend it’s a lifestyle. I see through the Dom and I’ve been in it. Never again would I let some poly abusive perpetrator use me again. That’s all they are. Wake up.

    • Kayla Lords says:

      I’m sorry that someone hurt you so badly that you need to lash out at an internet stranger just living her kinky life and sharing it with others. What we do works for us, and it’s okay that you reject it. I hope that you find someone (in or out of the kink world) who treats you well and that you find happiness in the future. All any of us want is to be happy, and I am, regardless of what you think you know about my relationship.

  7. Dave says:

    Thanks for this article. I have a slightly different dynamic I’m curious about. My wife recently began an online D/s relationship with someone. He knows about me, has his own nesting partner and for the most part things seem to be open. One of the daily rituals is a “good morning” video where she usually mentions something about her devotion to him, “I’m yours,” etc. This part I’m still learning to process. I’m here with her building a mutual life with 2 young girls. Can you offer any perspective on how to reconcile having a nesting partner who is repeating these mantras to her Dom daily?

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