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episode 132 of Loving BDSM discusses red flags of submissives 2

Red Flags and Submissives LB132

When you see the term “red flags” in BDSM, most people immediately think of Dominants — the assholes, predators, posers, and uneducated kinksters. But that makes it seem like all submissives are perfect little...

Scrabble tiles to help spell out a kinky title 26

Kinky Titles Are Different for All Of Us

When you first figured out whether you were Dominant, submissive, or both (or none of the above), did you worry about what your title was? Did it matter to you? What about when you...


7 Things Good Dominants Do

I’m not fond of the term “real” Dominant as if another option is the “imaginary” Dom. In the context of figuring out who’s a fake/wannabe/poser Dom, who’s uneducated and has more to learn, and...