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  1. Violet says:

    Thanks for this – it’s hard, when you’re not part of the abs-upon-abs club, to continually mentally push past the pervasive images of “sexy” bodies in porn and erotic photography. The truth is, all bodies are sexy, and all bodies, more or less, are kink accessible in one way or another with the right education, safety measures and communication. Ableism and thin privilege can have you doubting your capacity for kink and BDSM, but as long as you know your limits and safely explore them, it’s a world of sensual fun you can venture into any time.

    Your short hair is so cute, Kayla, and that radiant smile is sexy AF. Thanks for posting such positive content ūüôā

    • Kayla Lords says:

      I agree! There’s no such thing as the “kink-perfect” body because all bodies are capable of something that you can enjoy.

      And also *blush* thank you!

  2. toyforsir says:

    Waiting to lose weight has been my main obstacle. I waited for years to get a breast reduction because I was treating like a reward for my weight loss. I finally had to get it done and wish I hadn’t waited. Tonight I went on a four mile hike with a bunch of skinny people all about 20 years younger than me. I dreaded it but when it was done I was glad I did. And left some if those younger people in the dust. Building endurance but most of all building my confidence. I have to feel good about my own body and not worry about everyone else’s. It is hard in a world where you rarely see curvy women enjoying themselves – sex bdsm or other.

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