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Anyone with any body shape or size can be kinky. There’s no size or weight limit on BDSM. But sometimes a weight gain or a lack of flexibility (or some other factor) can get in the way of kinky things you want to do. This happened to Kayla Lords, so she started a video series called Fit for Kink.

You can be body positive and want to change your body. This is the conversation about that. It includes personal information on weight loss, healthy eating, positive mindset, and other topics needed if you want to get fit for your kink.

how to set fitness goals for fit for kink video series 2

How to Set Fitness Goals | Fit for Kink

For this week’s Fit for Kink video, instead of talking about achieving goals, let’s discuss how to set fitness goals. I think these tips apply to any goal setting, but since our focus is...

dealing with body image issues video for fit for kink series 4

Body Image Issues | Fit for Kink

I took inspiration from John Brownstone for the latest Fit for Kink video. He wrote an incredible piece about dealing with his own body image issues and losing weight. Yes,  men feel that way,...

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Are Cheat Days Okay? | Fit for Kink

For the record, to avoid confusion, I’m talking about “cheating” on your diet or fitness program — not your partner. Just before we went out of town, I recorded a video for our Fit...