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  1. Angelica Fetishes says:

    Ok this was truly a refreshing video for ones fitness goals., or just goals period. I’m not a goal oriented-tasker. Most recently I decided to become goal oriented because things were no longer falling into place in my life. Now I’m trying to figure out the best way to set goals for myself in many facets for my life.
    One of them is like yours to lose weight . I recently gained weight due to knee surgery and lack of motivation . I gained too much weight and my bones are not used to it. Even though everyone tells me they don’t see the over weight because of my height. My body is telling me it’s too much and is becoming. painful to carry. I recently start to set small goals for myself., and after watching your video now even more motivated to continue on with my goals and set up ones organizing home and career changes choices.

    Thank you Kayla so much for this video truly inspiring!!

    P.S. the playful side to this goal is gain back my flexibility but also take some boudoir photos for myself .

    • Kayla Lords says:

      Ohhhh, boudoir pics sound amazing! And I’m glad this helped! Setting goals feels like a hobby because I do it so often so I’m glad to share what I know. Good luck to you! I believe in you!!!

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