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episode 327 of the Loving BDSM podcast on sharing your burdens in your D/s relationship 0

Sharing Burdens in Power Exchange

We mentioned something in last week’s episode on people-pleasing — about needing to talk to JB about a stressor Kayla tried to handle alone — and it got us thinking about the things we...

episode 325 of the Loving BDSM podcast discussing different types and forms of intimacy in D/s relationships and kink 0

Different Types of Intimacy in Kink

We’ve talked about intimacy before — link below — but this time, a post on Instagram gave me (Kayla) some specific examples of intimacy beyond the obvious. Also, yes, this is a solo episode...

episode 136 of Loving BDSM discussing intimacy in D/s relationships 0

Intimacy in D/s Relationships LB136

We’ve spent the past several days focusing on creating space for the small, intimate moments in our relationship. That intimacy has helped us reconnect, made us feel closer, and been positive for both of...