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Loving BDSM minisode 26 on What is Dominance? 0

Minisode 26: What is Dominance?

As we see it, dominance is about three different elements: power, control, and leadership. So that’s the lens we use to define it in this week’s mini-episode! A massive thanks to our Patreon community...

image of stack of stones being held up with a feather as a sign of control and power. Title says What is Dominance 30 Days of D/s 1

What is Dominance? | 30 Days of D/s

What does it mean to be a dominant? That’s a very personal question and no two people will ever give the exact same answer. The simplest explanation of dominance is control over a submissive...

episode 162 of the Loving BDSM podcast discusses strengths in D/s 0

Developing Your Strengths in D/s and BDSM

When you hear the word “strength,” what comes to mind? All kinds of things, probably. This week, we’re taking you on our winding conversation through what it means to be strong as a submissive,...