Author: Kayla Lords

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The State of Our Power Exchange

Think of this like a “state of the union” but for a D/s relationship – specifically ours. In this episode: One week left of our Patreon membership drive! Thanks to Beducated for sponsoring this...

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Q&A: Is Anger Part of Dominance?

In this week’s question, a kinkster wants to explore their Dominant side and wonders if they can use that to work through their anger. Here’s the question: I’m a submissive but I may be...

episode 382 of the Loving BDSM podcast 0

Age Gaps in Power Exchange

We’ve talked about age differences in D/s relationships before, but this time, let’s discuss the perception/belief that “all” age gaps are bad or predatory, and why we (mostly) disagree. In this episode: Sales at...