Thinking of Your D/s Relationship as a Team

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  1. Jay says:

    I’m glad y’all like my stickers <3
    And yes, I'm open about being kinky under this name and most anyone who knows me under it would know that, so if I ever send anything else in you're welcome to use my name

  2. Jamlaw says:

    I’m a first time listener, and found your talk fascinating, and quite thought provoking. I already know I’m a pleaser, and it’s made me think about how I should perhaps think about doing what’s right for me, and for us together, as much as what I can do for my wife and sub.
    I’m also quite interested in how this might be applied to a polycule. My wife has a boyfriend, and sometimes feels caught between doing what keeps him happy and what keeps me happy. I’ve said she shouldn’t be stuck in the middle as the anxiety can become quite big.
    So being in a polycule could add a layer of complexity to making sure we work as a team, and do what we need to to keep each other happy.

    • Kayla Lords says:

      I imagine being in a polycule makes it a lot more difficult simply because there are a lot more moving parts to manage. And it depends on the type of dynamic you have with everyone. But I’ve found that communication is always the first and most important step.

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