When a Dominant Says No LB106

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  1. KateValentine says:

    I dont think I’ll ever really get bored or tired of listening to your voices Mrs. Kayla & Mr. John 😉 Also First munch I’ll be joining today! (4th Nov) im so darn excited ❤❤????????
    I’ll see you guys in 7 hours x3

  2. Sottomessa-Angel says:

    This was a great podcast! Honestly though, all your podcasts are great lol. 🙂 When Dominus says NO to whatever, I’l start with the “but, but, but…” and then He gives me “the look”. Dominus was an MP for many yrs so this sub stops dead in her tracks when He does that. I know you all know what I’m talking about lol. I have discovered I tend to get into a bit of a “babygirl” mode when this happens lol.

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