Listener Questions Part 1 LB087

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  1. Pixie heart says:

    Hahaha! You two make me giggle so much I nearly peed myself , I snort so loudly the dog gave me this ‘wtf ‘ look and spat ice tea in Babes face! (Oppss)

    Kayla it’s a clapper board sweet lady!

    John, you should try bed time tea if you have trouble sleeping or make Kayla play chess (or strip chess)

    I can so relate to how you most be both feeling! I have times that I’ll be off teaching a group of courses that go together that are like 6 to 10 days long. It’s get up, pre over breakfast , drive the 20 from the hotel , teach for 8 hours , drive back to the hotel, walk the hounds and then eat , then mark homework or write hand outs for the next day and then sleep . Wake up and repeat! It nearly kills me and I’m away from home, which I hate! But then I’m really luck have my dogs with me and one of the girls! Hang in there you will get through it!

    Any way thanks for the show and waves, while laying on the kitchen floor with a cold towel on my head and kitten fans me(had a funny turn and nearly past out again!)

    Pixie x x x x

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