The 5 Love Languages and Your D/s Relationship LB086

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  1. Arabella says:

    If physical touch is your primary love language how does it work in a semi long distances relationship?

    • Kayla Lords says:

      It’s much harder. What we’ve found over the years is that while we have a primary (touch is ours, too) if all other love languages are fulfilled, we could go short times without it (but only out of necessity). Our brains knew we couldn’t have what we needed so there was no resentment towards each other (which happens when a love language goes unfilled) just a desire to end the distance and a resentment to the situation. During our long distance relationship, we could go about 2 months between visits and that was our max. Once we were together, we touched non-stop – holding hands, lots of sex, you name it. When we were apart, we had to fill in the gaps with other ways of expressing our love.

  2. Scott says:

    Hi – Just discovered your podcast, and this was the first one that I listened to… wonderful, I could not stop listening!

    My baby girl and I have recently moved into an LD relationship (clear across the country) and have discovered that this is the perfect opportunity to work on relationship skills…. I suggested the 5 love languages as a place to start, and I’m so excited to incorporate this podcast into this.

    Thank you for your time that you take to create these, I’m excited to listen to more.
    Are you on Facebook at all?? I have followed you on Fet, but see my FB feed more often.

    • Kayla Lords says:

      So glad you found the podcast and that this episode resonates! I agree that being in an LDR is a good time to work on relationship skills.

      I’m on Facebook as Kayla Lords Author but i’m rarely there as they like to occasionally ban me from posting. But I do check it from time to time. 🙂

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