8 Non-Sexual Things You Can Do in Your Long Distance D/s Relationship

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  1. pandakitten says:

    One of the other early things Panda Daddy and I did was a shared Spotify playlist of songs that made us think of each other. It started out like both of us making the other a mix tape and then merged. I still listen to it frequently!

    • Kayla Lords says:

      That IS a good idea! It’s amazing the ways you can connect these days.

      We used to do a thing on Tumblr that I didn’t include because it was definitely sexual but we’d add a little “secret code” to images we re logged that reminded us of each other so that when we perved the others Tumblr, we’d see it and know the other was thinking of us.

    • Loulou says:

      I really like this idea of a shared spotify playlist I will definitely want to think about that, does it still work if you have the free spotiify?

  2. Britni says:

    When I was in a ldr triad I set tasks for my littles using this app called chore monster. It helped us all keep a morning/nightly routine. 🙂

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