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episode 273 of the Loving BDSM podcast 0

What is Impact Play

Can anyone else believe we reached episode 273 before devoting an entire episode to impact play?! Neither can we! But here we are! Warning, this is a loooong episode because even with an attempt...

guest post by epona about why she's a masochist 0

Why I’m a Masochist

I’m not sure exactly when I realized I was a masochist but I always knew that I had an unusually high tolerance for pain. I was that kid that poked my bruises, licked my...

Lodbrock and Loving BDSM host a kinky fuckery giveaway in November 2018 21

Kinky Fuckery Giveaway from Lodbrock

SQUEEEEEEE!!!! We love giving away kinky fuckery, but I’m not sure either of us has been this excited about it before. Lodbrock, maker of amazing kinky toys — like the Pillory Set we reviewed...