On Shaving and Hair Removal

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  1. Mrs Fever says:

    I do not currently shave my tender bits. I have in the past, but only partially and never consistently. It’s never been a ‘thing’ for me, though I went through a period several years ago where I shaved my lips quite often. Looking back, I’m slightly baffled as to why. I think it had more to do with my crazy peri-menopausal hormones making me overly hot than anything else, as I don’t particularly care for the shaved look or feel.

    With partners, I have a “you do YOU” mindset when it comes to pubic hair. You want to shave? Fine. (I’ll even help, if you ask nicely.) No? That’s fine too. Whatever makes you comfortable.

    Oh, I’ll state preferences. But only when expressly asked. And what I prefer varies depending on the situation and the relationship.

    But making demands on how someone else wears their hair – on their face, head, pubic area, or anywhere else on their body – is a divorce-level hard limit for me. I won’t do it to a partner, and I won’t tolerate it from one either.

    • Kayla Lords says:

      I agree completely. I might have preferences but that’s all they are. Even if how hair is worn is part of a D/s dynamic, it still has to be negotiated and consented to. And I’m not wearing my hair in a way that makes me uncomfortable — whether I’m waxing it all off or growing it all out.

  2. May More says:

    I had pubic hair for many years and now I don’t – either is fine by me. At this present time, I prefer the extra sensitivity I get from a not having pubic hair. My man shaves me. I am not an over-trusting person but seem to manage to trust him to do that. Its one of our intimate rituals really 😉

    • Kayla Lords says:

      I love the extra sensitivity! And I can imagine how intimate that must be. I’d like to think I’d trust JB that much, but I honestly don’t know, and I’m sticking to hot wax, lol.

  3. My husband has recently begun shaving his legs and chest, and he also styled his pubic hair as part of his kink. He likes to push the boundaries, and this is his space for self expression. I have shaved everything in the past, but now I stick to legs and bikini line, and I keep everything else neatly trimmed. Shaving is a necessity that I do as quickly as possible, because I rarely have time to indulge in a bathroom ritual, what with having young children. And no, I won’t let him shave me, much as he would love to!

    • Kayla Lords says:

      Oh gosh, yes! I can shave my legs and under my arms in just a few minutes. When the kids were babies, I often had hairy legs because I barely took enough time for a full shower, let alone removing any hair, lol.

  4. Molly says:

    I really don’t think there is any right or wrong way to do pubic hair, or body hair for that matter. What makes you happy and feel comfortable and confident is what is important.


    • Kayla Lords says:

      I agree completely. I get annoyed at being told I’m supposed to embrace my hair when having it waxed makes me so damn happy. Everyone should be able to do what works for them — shave or not, wax or not, grow it all out or remove every strand.

  5. Bee says:

    I’m a shaver, simply because I can’t face the in between growing phase…oh and I’m a wuss so scared it’ll hurt!

    • Kayla Lords says:

      And I won’t shave because I can’t handle the stubble, lol. I know everyone handles pain differently but based on some of your own kinks and preferences, you might be okay. I won’t lie, waxing does hurt, but getting my eyebrows waxed actually hurts more. And if you get a good person who uses good wax, the pain is minimal (to me). But, you’d have to let your hair grow out to about the length of a grain of rice before you could get it waxed, and I wonder if that might be torture. BUT on the other hand, over time your hair grows back in thinner. And I say this as a person who has too much hair everywhere and it’s thick and coarse, sooooooo…..have I convinced you yet? LOL

  6. (I know, I know, I’m WAY behind.)

    I shave my vulva every day because I want to, though my partners like it, too.

    I am starting to struggle with my daughter asking questions about it. Something I’ll have to address sooner or later as she hits puberty over the next few years.

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