8 Things to Know About Scratching

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  1. Carrie says:

    My partner loves when I dig my nails into his back during a hot session. Usually the marks last for a week or two and he loves showing them off. Recently he asked me to “leave a permanent mark”. How would I do this?? I don’t want to injure him but I do want to give him what he wants.

    • Kayla Lords says:

      We’re not experts on it, but for permanent marks, look up branding and tattoos in BDSM — this is usually the “safest” way to permanently mark a partner. Anything you do with your nails that could inflict injury would come under serious edge play and would require a lot of research and understanding about the body, injury, and preventing infection. We’re definitely not qualified to advise on that, and for most people, it’s not something we would recommend.

      • Carrie says:

        Thank you for responding! I really wanted to ask someone but couldn’t ask my friends/family lol! I’ll talk to my partner and see what we’re both comfortable with.

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