How to Take a Bare Handed Spanking to a New Level

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  1. May More says:

    Very interesting. When I am being spanked I love it when he changes the style – makes me anticipate what is coming next. I think I need more soothing, must remember to discuss that with him 😉

  2. Pixie says:

    Bravo Mr brownstone! really well written and I love your idea on switching things up! it left me wanting , needing and begging for a spanking! The Boss Man saw this and growled ‘as soon as your over having those babies, your getting that sweetie!’ So , YAY! (I owe sir much coffee)

    Pixie x

  3. ilphotgjim says:

    Thank you for the insight and suggestions. My sub enjoys being spanked (by hand or other implement) and you’ve given great advice on how to vary the spankings when using my hand. I love the connection and feel of my hand on her ass when spanking, and I look forward to trying these ideas as a way to further than connection with her.

  4. Molly says:

    This is a really great guide to spanking. I totally know the difference between the flat and cupped had from the receiving end point of view


  5. Bee says:

    This guide is great, I would say I’d hide it so he doesn’t get ideas but he seems to have those all but himself anyway 😉

  6. This is a very interesting post. So far most of the posts I read for KOTW have been in the spankee’s point of view. I like it.

  7. Siobahn Quinn says:

    Good suggestions and thanks! I love spanking and other kinky things. These suggestions also got us talking about what we liked. We are somewhat new to spanking, so discussing it was really helpful too. I used to get excited by what he did before but the dipping his finger into my pussy really kept me right on the edge. I also spanked him for the first time! Wow, was he was surprised that I could make him squirm. Very arousing for me. But it was your dipping suggestion which I did to his bum that along with hard spanks at the same time made him explode over my knee in less than 5 minutes. AMAZING, thanks!!!!

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