For the Love of Boots

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  1. May More says:

    I love that video too – the dancing is so cool – me and my man often watch it 😉

  2. Indie says:

    Thanks John Brownstone, that was a fun read and I loved seeing this clip after all these years. Ahh! the days og go-go dancing!!!!

  3. Indie says:

    of not og!

  4. O Southern Sir! you had me at boots! I love them, summer in the UK isnt that hot, but it puts a crimp in my boot wearing! That song by Nancy was ‘my jam’ when I was just a little girl! I wonder if the implied empowerment inspired my fetish!

  5. Mrs Fever says:

    I definitely have a ‘thing’ for boots. I own several pair; they are my favorite type of footwear.

    Boots on other people are attractive to me only inasmuch as the confidence of the person wearing them is a good ‘fit’. A casual, comfortable-in-their-skin air of confidence and a steady stride? That’s sexy to me. Wobbly, hobble-step walking in inappropriately heeled boots? Clunk-stepping because they are shuffling in boots too heavy for their feet? Not so much. 😉

  6. Molly says:

    One of the joys of visiting the USA is a trip to DSW. My fav pair of brown boots comes from there. Sadly I have worn them so much they need new soles but I am hoping that won’t cost too much and I can return to wearing them ALL the time.


  7. Bee says:

    Oh I’m ready…

    I love boots too, I live in mine and I’m lucky that we don’t really get summer over here so I get to wear them year round!

  1. August 15, 2018

    […] walked into the coffee shop wearing the uniform of so many young women on the go. Tight jeans, boots, a form-fitting shirt, scarf, with a wide smile and sassy, bright-colored hair. She was exactly our […]

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