Buy the 30 Days of D/s Workbook

You can do the 30 Days of D/s free email program (and we encourage it!). But if you’d rather go through the program on your own schedule, at your own pace, without clogging your email inbox, you can do that, too! Purchase this workbook, and you’ve got the entire program all at once.

The 30 Days of D/s workbook is a copy of each email that you can receive during the 30 Days of D/s email program. All the information is there, with links to references and resources, so that you can complete the program at your own pace.

This program is designed to help kinksters think through their feelings about specific aspects of Dominance and submission. Each page of the worksheet asks a different question and covers a specific topic. You’re encouraged to journal, blog, or talk with your partner through each one, a day at a time. You can also use the program as discussion topics at your local munch.


Frequently Asked Questions

What about if I’m new to kink and D/s?

No problem! This is a great way to begin your education on Dominance and submission so that when you’re ready to enter a D/s relationship, you’re familiar with some of the possibilities and have an idea of what you want – or don’t want.

I’m already in a D/s relationship. Do I really need this?

That depends on where you’re at in your relationship. Is this a new D/s relationship and you’re still figuring out what works and what doesn’t? This can help! Has your relationship fallen into a rut, felt less kinky, or gone too vanilla? This may be the thing that gets you both interested and ready to explore again.

What’s in the 30 Days of D/s program?

While we can’t cover every single topic that might come up in your D/s relationship in 30 days, we’ve covered plenty of ground. A few topics include subspace, drop, using your safeword, handling conflict, deciding on tasks and rituals, coming up with rules, how you feel about pain (definitely not a requirement) and more!

Will this save my relationship and make my life perfect?

Uhhh, no. We’re not miracle workers. But it may help you figure out what you want and don’t want, what you need, what you hate, and how to talk to current or future partners so that you both get what you need out of a D/s relationship.

Will I have help thinking about these topics?

Absolutely! Each email includes at least one resource from the podcast or articles we’ve written. If for any reason those don’t help, you can always reply to the email and ask a question. We’ll find more resources or answer your question from our perspective.